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Skiers 1940'sKenyons  & BillmansBillman's Hut with pack horsesSnowy Plains c 1940Billmans HutWheatleys Hut 1940'sCec Constances truckKellys Hut early 1940'sSkiing from Alpine Hut, early 1940'sSnowy Plains early 1940'sBlitz Buggy - transport to Alpine Hut, early 1940'sOld Bus transporting skiers to Snowy PlainsAlpine Hut 1940'sAlpine Hut 1943Alpine Hut Dunny 1940'sBill Kenyon at Alpine HutBetts Camp 1940'sKunama Hutte 1940'sChalet Transport 1950'sChalet transport 2